About Me

I'm in a current phase of reinvention, but thinking back since arriving in the Yukon in 2013 I'm so grateful to have had many amazing experiences as Executive Director at the Yukon Association for Community Living (now Inclusion Yukon) where I developed several new programs including:

  • a multi-year Youth peer Mentor program to bring together youth with disabilities with their mainstream peers for fun social activities
  • the Yukon version of Ready Willing and Able where we successfully found more than 120 new employment opportunities for people with disabilities using  'real work, real pay' as the starting point
  • a new chaperoned travel program for adults with disabilities to travel independently, some for the first time ever!
  • the multi-year My Body My Life program teaching body awareness and friendship skills for adults with an intellectual disability
  • a new concept for an on-demand supported respite house for families needing a break from the demands of 24/7 responsibility for a family member

This last year I had the opportunity to serve as Executive Director at the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, and appreciated the opportunity to put my marketing, business advisory and governance knowledge to work in support of this great organization.

Looking forward, I'm currently developing a number of workshops and special projects with businesses, NGO's, government and community partners.

Some highlights from my career as a consultant and business owner in southern Alberta include:

Creating the first two years for the Lethbridge Word On The Street Festival (2011 and 2012) 

Developing the self-employment mentor program More Than The Label in partnership with PDD South Region and Alberta Human Services (2008-2010)

Founding the Center for Board Development (2006 - 2010)

Writing with Lethbridge Living Magazine (1995-2009)


Baby's Choice Diaper Service (1986-1994)