Bruno Bourdache, Executive Director, Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon

 VBY recently had opportunity to contract with Ms. Acheson to develop two new  grant applications on our behalf. She has substantial experience in  project development and was able to capture and express all that we  hoped to achieve and more. 

We particularly appreciated her connections  and understanding of the 

Whitehorse NGO community that she pulled  together for our benefit, and 

plan to work together again soon. 

Sofia Fortin, SMRT PopUps

I worked under Colette as a team member and consultant during her tenure at Yukon Association for Community Living (now Inclusion Yukon). Over 2 years we worked together to implement a big vision and bold project to bring sexual health and social skills education to the disability community. Colette is a passionate big picture thinker. She has the ability to bring together various stakeholder, projects, leads, and ideas and make them all greater than the sum of their parts. She cares deeply for people and I watched her move mountains with her quick and creative thinking. 

Her ability to think unconventionally and see connections where others do not allowed her to grow the impact of YACL many fold. 

If you are looking for standard solutions Colette is not your person. She will doggedly pursue any opportunity to make your dream, vision or project come to life. She was a fantastic manager who let me run with my ideas, supported me in my goals and really gave me space to take the project she launched in the direction I wanted. Her talents, perspectives and wealth of experience are an asset to any organization. 

Note: Sofia's My Body My Life program continues to evolve and is featured here:

Tara Larkin, Pursuit Coaching

 I had  the privilege of collaborating with Colette when she was the Whitehorse Chamber  of Commerce Executive Director. Together, we worked with 4 other businesses and organizations on a joint project and proposal. Colette was the motivation behind the collaboration, the driver behind the project. While Colette led the way, she also welcomed 

co-creation  and allowed the group to naturally bring out their best work together.  

 I admired her ability to gather accurate information from multiple  perspectives, document it and create a well written, clear, and concise  proposal within a very tight deadline.  Colette is gifted with the ability to both capture a project vision and identify the steps  necessary to make it come to life. She is one of those rare gems who is hard working, loyal, determined and highly motivated.

Alison Ziedler, President, Yukon Wholistic Health Network

  Colette recently delivered a marketing workshop to our collective. She has a wealth of knowledge and relevant professional experience, and willingly shares it.  Her presentation was clear, concise and in depth, and she is generous with her time. I highly recommend her!